How to use

  1.     Please apply FastEAZE 14 externally on the area(s) that’s in pain and rub on the affected areas, be sure to liberally cover the entire area. 
  2.     You may apply FastEAZE 14 up to three times per day on the area(s) that need it.
  3.     If you only have time to apply it once per day the best time is at night before bedtime. This way FastEAZE 14 will work on you all night while you sleep.
  4.     Continue to apply FastEAZE 14 daily until all of the pain is gone.  If you need a reminder to use it then set a timer on your phone to alert you to continue apply it. 
  5.     Always wash hands thoroughly after applying FastEAZE 14 to avoid irritation. 
  6.     If you are using FastEAZE 14 on an area that’s covered by clothing be sure to wrap the area with gauze to prevent any possible staining. 
  7.     If you are using FastEAZE 14 in combination with a heating pad please avoid using high heat to avoid potential injury and avoid using heat for long periods of time. 
  8.     Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your genitals if FastEAZE 14 is still on your hands.
  9.     Do not use FastEAZE 14 on open wounds. 
  10. Never use FastEAZE 14 near an open flame. 


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