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Our Story

In the hands of Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC ancient wisdom merged with modern science to breathe new life into the realm of pain relief. Behind every bottle of FastEAZE 14 lies a story of relentless dedication, passion, and a desire to heal. As patients flocked to his busy alternative medicine practice, the word about his “red stuff” spread among his patient’s family members like wildfire, touching tons of lives and providing relief to those who had once felt hopeless. Many of those people who experienced the profound effects of this powerful elixir was not only alleviated from their discomfort, but also found solace and comfort in the caring hands of a healer who deeply believes in the healing power of nature. 

However, Dr. Justin soon realized that the original “red stuff” had limitations. Its strong odor and watery consistency indicated to him that its quality could be greatly improved. Driven by his desire to provide the best product possible, he embarked on a journey to create a super-strength version that would offer unparalleled pain relief. His journey was not an easy one, as he faced numerous challenges in his quest to perfect his own red stuff. But with every setback, he emerged stronger and more committed to his mission, fueled by the unwavering trust of his patients and the knowledge that his work was transforming lives.

With each small artisan batch of FastEAZE 14, handcrafted with love and care, Dr. Justin poured his heart and soul into the creation of a remedy that would stand the test of time. The healing power of this extraordinary solution has not only provided physical relief, but has also fostered a sense of emotional well-being, empowering those who use it to face life’s challenges with renewed strength and resilience.  The legacy of his “red stuff” lives on in every bottle of FastEAZE 14, encapsulating the essence of a healer’s devotion to his craft and the transformative power of nature. It serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, hope and healing are easily within reach, and that the unwavering determination of a single individual can change countless lives for the better.

In 2023 Dr. Mandel contacted the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) that’s inside the National Institute of Health (NIH) about fixing the ongoing problem with muscle tenderness that afflicts Americans. His purpose was to radically change how our broken medical system diagnoses, measures, and ultimately treats patients with tenderness. Based on his twenty plus years of clinical experience he knew that once that finally takes place it will radically change the lives of millions of Americans due to incorrectly being misdiagnosed and mistreated. When he speaks with his private patients for the first time about their tenderness that he diagnosed, he’ll frequently ask, “I bet no one ever told you that before?” and the disappointing answer that he gets back nearly 100% of the time is…NO!

FastEAZE14’s story has been updated and continues into 2024 due to its unprecedented effectiveness.  It became the top selling product at one prominent practice and It was so valuable to some of their patients that it became the #1 product they turned to to get relief from their discomfort.  

As a testament to its potency and remarkable impact the practice’s owner had to say about it using it, “I was amazed at how quickly FastEAZE14 worked for my neck pain and sore muscles. I have used many products in the past with side effects or chemicals. I have worked in healthcare for over 18 years and never found a product that works this fast. FastEAZE14  is an incredible product!  Run don’t walk and get FastEAZE14  today. You will be very pleased.”

Herbal Medicine in The News

Did you hear about the astounding achievement that shook the world in 2015? A remarkable Chinese scientist, Dr. Tu, was bestowed with The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine! And do you know what she achieved? She unlocked the secrets of a potent herb that has saved millions of lives from the deadly clutches of malaria in Asia, Africa, and South America!  


She accomplished this amazing feat through scouring ancient medical text books from the Zhou, Qing, and Han dynasties which led her to ultimately extracting a compound called Artemisinin.  Her groundbreaking discovery has transformed the lives of people who were once at the mercy of this vicious disease. And to think, her discovery was inspired by the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine! Dr. Tu’s work is a testament to the power of Chinese herbs and their extraordinary healing properties.


Can you imagine the sheer magnitude of Dr. Tu’s achievement? Her discovery has made a colossal impact on the lives of countless people, offering a glimmer of hope where there was once only despair. It’s an inspiring reminder that with the right knowledge and a passion for healing, anything is possible. Dr. Tu’s legacy will undoubtedly inspire generations of scientists and healers to come, to push the boundaries of what’s possible and to never give up in the pursuit of making the world a better place.


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