FastEAZE 14™

Fast, Effective, and All-Natural.

FastEAZE14 is the first product that's been formulated for muscle tenderness and soreness, which doesn't need s prescription. Experience real relief with this all-natural patient proven solution, steeped in 5,000 years of herbal wisdom. This potent remedy has been specially formulated by an experienced doctor based on his experience with treating acute and chronic pain. Say goodbye to agony and embrace a life full of comfort and vitality with this remarkable easy to use solution.

To discover if your discomfort is due to muscle tenderness or soreness we have made available a complimentary downloadable "Introduction to Inflammation and Muscle Tenderness" guide. With the included "Muscle Mystery Decoder 3-Step Action Guide" you'll be able to quickly test yourself to determine if FastEAZE14 is the perfect product for your needs.

FastEAZE 14™

-The answer to your struggles! Imagine finally being able to move freely and live your life without being held back by aches and pains. With FastEAZE 14, you can say goodbye to the constant battle with discomfort and soreness. 

Our 100% all-natural topical liquid herbal formula is carefully crafted with 14 powerful ingredients to provide you with ultimate relief. You can trust FastEAZE 14 to decrease muscle discomfort, comfort swelling, and soothe joint discomfort like never before. 

Say hello to a life without limitations – FastEAZE 14 gets you moving and keeps you active! No more missing out on the things you love due to discomfort. It’s time to take control and get back to doing what you enjoy most.

Don’t wait any longer – try FastEAZE 14 today and experience the freedom of a pain-free life!

Herbal Medicine in The News

Did you hear about the astounding achievement that shook the world in 2015? A remarkable Chinese scientist, Dr. Tu, was bestowed with The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine! And do you know what she achieved? She unlocked the secrets of a potent herb that has saved millions of lives from the deadly clutches of malaria in Asia, Africa, and South America!  


She accomplished this amazing feat through scouring ancient medical text books from the Zhou, Qing, and Han dynasties which led her to ultimately extracting a compound called Artemisinin.  Her groundbreaking discovery has transformed the lives of people who were once at the mercy of this vicious disease. And to think, her discovery was inspired by the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine! Dr. Tu’s work is a testament to the power of Chinese herbs and their extraordinary healing properties.


Can you imagine the sheer magnitude of Dr. Tu’s achievement? Her discovery has made a colossal impact on the lives of countless people, offering a glimmer of hope where there was once only despair. It’s an inspiring reminder that with the right knowledge and a passion for healing, anything is possible. Dr. Tu’s legacy will undoubtedly inspire generations of scientists and healers to come, to push the boundaries of what’s possible and to never give up in the pursuit of making the world a better place.

All about our 100% all-natural ingredients

Dong Quai

Famous Chinese herb for pain relief

Xue Jie

Hemostatic agent with pain-relieving properties

Yan Hu Suo

Analgesic herb used for pain management

Chuan Xiong

Blood invigorating herb for pain relief

Xu Duan

Traditional Chinese herb for pain relief


Popular herb with pain-reducing properties


Anti-inflammatory spice with pain-relieving properties

Szechuan Pepper

Numbing agent used in pain relief


Natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent

San Qi

Herb with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects

Siberian Ginseng

Natural bark with pain-relieving properties

E Zhu

Rhizome with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

Wei Ling Xian

Pain relief and swelling reduction herb


Alcohol used as a topical analgesic

Herbal medicine seen in

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